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Livrables :

  • D1.2. Study of BPEL Formalism. F. Zaïdi, A. Cavalli and P. Félix.

  • D3.1. Definition of an active, passive and fault injection testing architecture. A. Cavalli, F. Bessayag, CAO Tien-Dung, F. Zaïdi.

  • D1.1 Logical architecture modeling language.  Antonin Abhervé, Andrey Sadovykh, F. Zaïd i, A. Cavalli, P. Félix, E. Montes de Oca.
  • D1.4a Implementation of the logical architecture version 2. (outil)
  • D2.3. Definition of the mapping from BPEL to TEFSM. Mounir Lallali, Fatiha Zaïdi, Ana Cavalli et Patrick Félix.
  • D2.4a. Automation of the mapping from BPEL to TESFSM v1 (outil BPEL2IF).
  • D4.1. Definition of a test generation method from BPEL-TEFSM. Ismail Berrada, Tien-Dung Cao, Richard Castanet, Patrick Félix, Mounir Lall ali, Fatiha Zaïdi et Ana Cavalli.
  • D4.2. Definition of a random testing methods for data and control parts.
  • D4.3. Design of complementary testing and fault injection. Faycal Bessayah, Ana Cavalli, Eliane Martins, Fatiha Zaïdi et Patrick Félix.
  • D4.4. Definition of monitoring testing techniques for Web services. Edgardo Montes de Oca, Wissam Mallouli, Gerardo Morales, Faycal Bessayah, Ana Cavalli, Fatiha Zaïdi et Patrick Félix.