Project organisation

The project will be divided into 5 workpackages (WP):

WP1: SOA Architectural modeling and Web Services orchestration

Responsible: SOFTEAM
Objective: Definition of the global architecture and methodology adopted by the project and the development of the logical architecture modelling tool.

WP2: Logical architecture mapping to tests and implementation

Responsible: LRI
Objective: Definition of the mapping between the formalisms used in the project and the development of the mapping tools.

WP3: Definition of a testing and monitoring architecture for Web Services

Responsible: LaBRI
Objective: Definition of the testing architectures that will be implemented and used in the project.

WP4: Testing and monitoring techniques and tools

Responsible: GET/INT
Objective: Definition of the testing methods and algorithms and, the development of the integrated prototype tool set.

WP5: Case studies: application of tools to existing services

Responsible: Montimage
Objective: Provide complete Web services contexts to be able to identify realistic requirement and test purposes; then, experiment the techniques implemented in the tool set developed by the project.